Wednesday, June 20, 2012

My dream house..

If only i'm filthy rich i would buy and design my house

How wonderful are these??? on of my dreams!!!

Indonesia Trip

On last CNY, i and my sister followed my aunt to her hometown in Indonesia. It was amazing journey for us where we took ferry from Johor at 9am and reach Tanjung Pinang at 12pm. Here are some pictures that we took;

Took in the ferry on the way to Indonesia

Why her eyes closed?? windy?

Best part reunion dinner at Indonesia..wonderful food

This is how my aunt used to cook.. the taste was way better then using gas...Hmmm missing the food

Firecrackers time!!!

Yes!! this PINEAPPLE was so huge bigger than my face.. n was so sweet

Houses on top the sea.. nice breeze 

Yes it is not illegal selling firecrackers side of the road.. 

Hahaha... this is wer we sleep without fan or air-cond but was really cool,
Specially build for us..urghh so sweet

Ya is i saw this temple which was covered by tree branches 
and i guess it is hundreds over years old same goes to the temple. 

Kicap company..

Beautiful beach in Laguna Bay Resort..

Yes this is my aunt's old brother, super funny and tiny guy..hahahaha

Private villa at Laguna Bay Resort.. so beautiful guess how much it is??
It is $1400, so expensive..

Tuesday, July 26, 2011


After such a long time, i'm returning back to update my blog. It has been quite a hard n busy weeks for me, as i just finish working for a BMW event eventhough it was tiring but still i learn a lot of things that is priceless for my future use and besides that my final exams are around the corner busy doing revision and hope that i will do better then last semester. 

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Best Buddy

Today, coincidentally i meet my best buddy in LRT, such a pleasure to talk to her after such a longtime. Her name is Prema. We worked together at Genting once upon a time, we was always together even there were some difficulty. We share everything together such as clothing, bed, even money. She is so good that i don't know how to go on with my life when she resign from Genting and left me alone..thank god i managed everything and has overcome until where i am now..

Wesak Day & Mother's 85th Bday

On the 17th May 1926, a baby girl was born and today the baby has turn to a very dedicate, humble, and most of all mother of all nation.
We call her Mother Mangalam, she has scarifies her entire life the children in Pure Life Society.
I was also one among the thousands of the children, she is very caring, loving, patient and there is no word to describe of her.
She has replace my biological MOM's place showering me with wisdom, show me the right path, be a very good listener and most of all she toke care of me as her own child.
The Rotary Club has celebrate her birthday, it was wonderful to see the so delight and cheerful to see people who has not meet for a very long time.
Wesak Day also fell on the same day, it was also 1 of my busy day running here and there. I and Kuna went to Buddhist Temple morning and night and it was so much fun, as this is my 1st time celebrating wesak day.

Staff with Mother Mangalam

With Aunty Radhi
p/s: another dedicated lady

One of Mother's Bday Bouquet

Henna which only cost Rm7 at the temple

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Assignment!!!! Assignment!!! everyday think about Assignment, wanted to finish everything everything early but just that don't know where to start!!! Alamak...pls help me